Bryan McMahon, L.Ac.

Bryan is a clinical practitioner of herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese bodywork with degrees from Middlebury College and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Bryan spent 15 years overseas studying and training in the classical cultures of Japan and China. He has developed an integrated understanding of mind-body wellness and traditional medical forms of intervention under the close instruction of many accomplished physicians, martial artists and spiritual adepts.

Bryan’s clinical practice is strongly informed by the classical Chinese medical appreciation of each individual’s unique state of the body - energy - mind system. He specializes in helping patients untangle chronic, often complex conditions involving multiple organ systems and seemingly unrelated symptoms of sub-health. These include chronic digestive complaints, metabolic and auto-immune disorders, cerebrovascular disease, women’s health issues, as well as the resulting chronic pain, fatigue and mood disorders.

“Health” is a constantly evolving, dynamic process that our healthcare should respond to accordingly. In addition to sessions that will combine acupuncture, moxibustion, and bodywork as appropriate, each patient can expect to receive ongoing personalized care through customized herbal formulas specific to their changing needs. This traditional pairing of direct, in-person adjustments and reinforcement through herbal supplements and lifestyle modifications has been used for thousands of years and is essential for sustaining long-term results.

For further information about Bryan and his practice please visit his website at

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