Dr. David Perham, DC

Dr. Perham uses a range of treatment approaches, mainly diversified chiropractic manipulation for the spine and extremities. He also incorporates a variety of soft tissue treatment strategies and, when indicated, may recommend nutritional supplementation/recommendations as well as basic therapeutic rehabilitative exercise.  He diagnoses and treats patients who have varying complaints such as back pain, neck pain, extremity conditions, headaches, sports injuries, and motor vehicle injuries, among others. Dr. Perham takes an evidence-based approach to treating his patients by using the best available current peer-reviewed literature, the patient’s preferences, and his practice experiences to best fit each patient’s needs.

Dr. Perham recognizes the strong relationship between the neuromusculoskeletal system and overall health.  When not functioning effectively, the neuromusculoskeletal system can be a significant source of dysfunction and local or referred pain.  Subsequently, it is a potential contributor to dis-ease, physical, emotional, and psychological.  His goal is to identify and treat the source of the patient’s pain and dysfunction, whether acute or chronic, and assist in his patients achieving optimal health.

Along with maintaining a private practice, Dr. Perham was also previously a faculty member at the University of Western States in the College of Chiropractic. He taught courses in spinal and extremity manipulative technique, orthopedics of the spine and extremities, and biomechanics lab. Also, with the Research Department, he worked on several studies on neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

He grew up in the snow-belt of Central NY State among his three brothers and played multiple sports, mainly ice-hockey.  Outside of work he enjoys the Oregon outdoors, music, cooking, spending time with his wife and daughter, and riding his bike.


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