Dr. Hannah Rikoon, ND

Hannah Rikoon

A personal message from Dr. Hannah Rikoon:

My name is Dr. Hannah Rikoon, and I am here to support you along your path to wellness. It is important to me, as a naturopathic doctor, to support your health holistically and without bias. You are you. You are here for a reason, and I am here to listen!

I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to navigate the medical system.  Through reliable testing and focused treatments, I can diagnose and treat your primary health concerns connected to fatigue, fertility, hormone imbalance, and chronic illness. Through collaboration with other healthcare providers, I can be on your integrative healthcare team to help you achieve your goals.

Under the guidance of my residency mentor here at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center, Dr. Stefani Hayes, and my years of experience as a massage therapist, I am excited to offer the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy to boost your fertility, hormonal, and digestive health. After completing IV (intravenous) therapy rotations in medical school and throughout my first year of residency at the National University of Natural Medicine, I am keen to offer intravenous nutrient, detox, and immune support for a myriad of health conditions.

It is an honor to empower you with trust in your body’s inherent ability to heal. I look forward to working with you soon.

If you have any questions for Dr. Rikoon, feel free to email her at hrikoon@kwanyinhealingarts.com


Dr. Hannah Rikoon is a licensed naturopathic doctor in her second year of residency focused on integrative fertility with Dr. Stefani Hayes. She graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2020. Dr. Rikoon completed her first year of residency at her alma mater, NUNM, focusing on IV therapy, women’s health, and biotherapeutic drainage.


  • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine
  • Certificate in Herbal Medicine from Motherland Herbs and Botanical Sanctuary
  • Bachelor of Arts from Bard College
  • License in Massage Therapy from Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy
  • Advanced training in Craniosacral therapy with High Milne at the Milne Institute
  • Advanced training in Craniosacral therapy with Michael McMahon at Moving Mountain Institute

Modalities Served:

Arvigo Techniques of Maya abdominal therapy, Arvigo Techniques of Maya abdominal therapy for pregnancy and postpartum, bodywork, craniosacral, massage, environmental medicine, intrauterine insemination, IV therapy, naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, biotherapeutic drainage, flower essences

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