Sarah Clark, L.Ac., Certified TRE and InnerDialogue Provider

I am trained in Classical Five Element acupuncture, homeopathy, biological drainage, TRE® (tension or trauma releasing exercises), and InnerDialogue.

In going deep with these modalities, I have opened my heart to a medicine that re-awakens us to our true nature–and I have cultivated a deep longing to bring about this re-awakening in my patients. Sometimes this means easing chronic pain, improving digestion, easing symptoms of P.M.S., sleeping better. Other times it means moving beyond limiting belief systems and finding greater authenticity and joy in our lives.

In addition to my extensive study with celebrated Five Element acupuncturist David Berkshire, L.Ac., I have studied with Dr. Tamara Staudt, ND, L.Ac. My interest in the connection between the physical and the emotional led me first to a retreat with Tamara on the Shan Ren Dao, a Confucian Five Element system of healing where participants experience purification through purging of negative emotion. I went on with Dr. Staudt and with David Berceli to study medical uses of qigong and trauma release, learning the body’s innate capacity to quite literally shake off layers of held tension and trauma with unexpected ease. Most remarkably, I witnessed how–if blocks are moved out of the body–one’s experience of relating to the world truly opens up. As the body becomes more spacious so too do the mind and spirit.

What is essential to remembering our wholeness is knowing deeply how the elements move within us and, thus, how we are not separate. To know true nature is to know that the fire in you is not separate from the fire in me. In the healing space, this is where we meet. My life is enriched by my practice as a healer. I consider it a privilege to bear witness to my patients’ struggles–and, more importantly, to bear witness to their ability to release what no longer serves them, to heal, and to live with greater ease and joy. Should you have questions about my practice, please don’t hesitate to email me at . I look so forward to working with you.

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Modalities Served

AcupressureAcupunctureCraniosacralFive element acupunctureInnerDialogueTrauma Release Excersise™ (TRE)
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