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Healthcare today is frequently focused more on the disease and less on the person who is suffering from it, but often what makes the difference between ailing and healing is being truly seen and heard. By taking the time to get to know our patients as people, we promote immediate relief, long-term healing, optimum energy, and natural relaxation.

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Tips to Protect Your Health: Implications of Radioactive Material From the Japanese Nuclear Crisis

In the exploration of the health implications of radioactive material from the Japanese nuclear crisis, I have come across a few things that I thought worth sharing! Thus far, there have not been significantly measurable changes in the radioactivity on the west coast from the incidence in Japan. However, there have been measurable changes, particularly

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The Basic Needs – Clean Water!

    With all the hard work people are doing to live healthier lives and make the best choices for their families, it can easily feel like the obstacles in our environment are increasingly working against us. Great effort is being made to create healthier diets; buying locally produced foods, reduce processed foods and embrace

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Car Accidents: A Pain in Your Neck!

by David Berkshire, L.Ac. I was just asked to give a presentation to a group of State Farm Insurance agents about Chinese medicine. More and more people are discovering that when they have pain after a car accident, their motor vehicle accident insurance will actually pay for their treatment. With all the talk right now about making health care

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Vaccinations: Yes or No?

by Dr. Sarah Wylie, N.D., Naturopathic Physician and Midwife A 17-month-old child was draped over her mother's shoulder after the struggle from her ear exam was over. The mother writhed as she stated, "the worst thing for me about parenting is this vaccination issue.  I feel I may be harming her with the shots, and

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Ear Infections Hurt!

by Muir Ferdun, L.Ac. Lots of children get ear infections. No, really, LOTS of children. It's the most common reason for non-routine doctor visits in the under-4-years-old set. So, here's the drill. You see your child start getting grumpy, pulling at her ear, rubbing a cheek, running a fever without much nasal congestion, or not

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