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In the exploration of the health implications of radioactive
material from the Japanese nuclear crisis, I have come across
a few things that I thought worth sharing!

Thus far, there have not been significantly measurable changes in
the radioactivity on the west coast from the incidence in Japan.
However, there have been measurable changes, particularly in
Hawaii and southern California as the materials disperse along the
jetstream.  These are not considered to be harmful to humans at
current levels and it seems as if the situation is gradually
improving, although it may be a while before it is completely under
control.  Nonetheless, the people of Japan are in crisis and this
affects us all so I would like to encourage that our worries shift
to thoughts of hope for those in need.

For the Earth:
As the awareness of potential dangers of nuclear power come more to
light, I encourage everyone to join the Union of Concerned
Scientists who are actively working toward the safety and education
of nuclear power and ultimately finding better alternatives.

Additionally, local Portland clothing company NAU has partnered
with Mercy Corps to match all donations made to help support the
people of Japan!  If you are able to offer any support monetarily,
I trust Mercy Corps to ensure the funds are used appropriately

For our health:
As with any radiation, our bodies are vulnerable to cellular damage
through oxidation.  Rapidly dividing cells are the most at risk.
This means that pregnant women and children need to be particularly
well protected.

Antioxidants are our best protection.  Fresh fruits and vegetables
are our natural source of antioxidants.  A plants antioxidant
activity will reduce within moments to hours of being picked from
the earth.  Additionally, organic produce has been found to have
30% higher antioxidant activity than those grown with chemical
fertilizers/herbicides and pesticides.  Find a good local source
for the food you eat or grow your own!  Try to consume at least 9
servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day.  If you have
digestive weakness, juice, lightly steam or cook the majority of
those you eat.

Other foods particularly beneficial for radiation protection

Miso soup – found to be protective in past nuclear disasters
such as hiroshima and chernobyl when consumed on a daily
basis.  The longer the miso is fermented or aged, the better.

Seaweed – considered a "curious plant" by botanist and
herbalist Ryan Drum, seaweed binds toxins from the body in
addition to being a wonderfully rich source for antioxidants
and minerals.

Mushrooms – these amazing beings have an incredible ability to
transform the world around them.  Between their limitless
mycelium web and their bizarre blossoming cap and stem,
they transform elements in the soil into their own bodies.
Found to have unprecedented detoxifying ability to nuclear waste
and radioactive material, expert Paul Stamets has created a
website/book/movement around the beauty of these strange

For more information on the above mentioned topics, visit:

EPA Radiation Monitoring (
Union of Concerned Scientists (
NAU matched donations to Mercy Corps
The Organic Center
The Body Ecology Diet
Seaweed Benefits (
Mushrooms and Health (

And as always, for more detailed and personalized support of your
individualized health dynamics from nutrition to herbal medicine
and supplemental support, please come see me at Kwan Yin Healing
arts or feel free to email me any questions.

In Health,

Sara Hart, ND, MSOM
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