Nasal Specific

The NASAL SPECIFIC treatment (as it’s known in the Naturopathic and Chiropractic world) is a gentle, minimally invasive manipulation of the tiny bones that make up the bridge of the nose, including the very important sphenoid bone that sits right behind the nasal cavities.

The treatment incorporates the use of little balloons inserted into the nasal passages and then a mechanical pump which inflates the balloons for a quick second to help “gap” and create movement in the tiny nasal bone joint spaces.  The balloon inflation is performed a total of 6 times (for each of the 3 nasal passages on the left and right sides) which takes a total of 20 minutes or less….IT’S SO EASY!!

So why do we do this??  Because allowing more movement in these small facial/nasal bones is KEY to optimal vital health and wellness not only for your nose, but for your ears, throat, and sinuses.   It’s important to have flexibility in this area to allow for new fresh blood, lymphatic fluid, nutrients and oxygen to get to where it needs to go.  This treatment also helps drain your sinuses, reduces swelling in the nasal cavity and sometimes can help open up clogged ears…it’s easy and AWESOME!

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Nasal Specific

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