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Ashlee Neufeld, Licensed Holistic Esthetician

Ashlee has been a licensed holistic esthetician for over eight years and has witnessed a drastic shift towards green skin care. Consumers are making the correlation that what is applied to the skin can cause residual health concerns as well as negatively impact the environment.  Ashlee is excited to be a part of that positive correlation and guide people towards naturally vibrant skin.

Each of Ashlee’s skin care treatments are customized, grounded in nature and are notably calming to the nervous system. The average urban dweller can benefit from an extra dose of grounding with plant-based products and advanced massage techniques. These treatments frequently draw from the wisdom of Chinese, ayurvedic, and naturopathic medicine. Ashlee utilizes various techniques such as facial cupping, gua sha, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and marma point stimulation. Treatments can address concerns as minor as dehydrated, dull looking skin to more serious inflammatory concerns like: cystic acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. The skin gives voice to imbalances in the body, and Ashlee enjoys the challenge of decoding its messages. She provides appropriate treatments to address these imbalances or refers her clients to a naturopath or acupuncturist for deeper healing.

Ashlee divides her professional life between her skin care practice and Essential Wholesale & Labs where she assists people in developing natural skin care products. She learns daily about the art and science behind natural skin care formulating, and she is excited to share that knowledge in her practice. Ashlee would be pleased to usher you towards deep relaxation, natural and effective skin care!



Ashlee just gave me an incredible facial treatment.  It felt more relaxing than a full body massage.  All the products she uses are very natural and every time she puts a new product on my face, it smells so luscious and amazing that I want to eat it.  She knows a lot about essential oils and uses them in the treatment, too.  She has helped me clear up some acne on my back with back facials and now she is working on my face.  I can’t wait to go back!

-Dr. Elie Cole

Ashlee is nothing short of amazing! I consider her facials as part of my wellness routine. I love the fact that she only uses plant-based skin care and no chemicals! I’m 47 years old and my skin looks and feels fantastic since I started having facials with Ashlee regularly. She also does a great job with brow and lip waxing. I highly recommend her services!

-Laura P., LMT

Great facial!! Ashlee is great, made me feel very comfortable. I can’t wait to make this a monthly experience for me, my next appointment is already set!

-Diane C.




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