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Dr. Rebecca Principe, ND

Dr. Rebecca Principe is a naturopathic physician who works as both a primary care physician and a natural medicine specialist. Regardless of her role in her patients’ medical team, she functions as their guide and ally, working on whatever obstacles stand in their way to being their healthiest and happiest selves. With a focus on treating the underlying cause of disease, and the belief that medicine must address the whole person, Dr. Principe uses nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, lifestyle coaching, vitamin/amino acid therapy, and the occasional medication to develop individualized treatment plans that compassionately meet her patients wherever they may be in their health journey. With a diverse body of medical knowledge, she addresses any concern that walks in the door, and has a special interest in digestive health, mental health, women’s health and hormone/thyroid balance. Regardless of the complaint or chosen treatments, her background in psychology and passion for homeopathy have taught her that there is nothing more important as a physician than being truly present with people and listening to their story, and that awareness informs the open and comfortable space she creates for her patients.

“Too often, I have patients come into my office and tell me that they don’t like going to the doctor. They feel judged, not listened to, rushed out the door. They feel like drugs are thrown at them with little to no options. Nothing is explained to them. This scenario is exactly why I decided to become a naturopathic doctor. I’m happy to say that my patients have the complete opposite experience to what I just described. One of the principles of naturopathic medicine is “doctor as teacher”, and it is a value that weaves through every appointment I conduct. My job as a doctor is to educate and empower you to become a healthier person. Genuine empathy and nonjudgmental listening are the essential tools I use to get you there. I’m clear, positive and encouraging in my approach, and I can offer you the best of both worlds, in terms of conventional and alternative medicine.”


Dr. Principe’s special interests include but are not limited to:

Primary care

Hormone/thyroid imbalances

Women’s health

Mental health

Digestive disorders

Cardiovascular disease prevention

Fatigue & insomnia


Treatment modalities used by Dr. Principe include:


Lifestyle counseling



Vitamin/amino acid therapy

Craniosacral therapy


Personal Background:

Dr. Principe grew up in Rhode Island and graduated from Trinity College in Hartford in June of 2000 with a BS in psychology. On her first trip out west, she fell in love with Oregon and has called it her home ever since. Before discovering her calling to naturopathic medicine, Dr. Principe worked in social services and consumer/environmental advocacy, while making lots of time for international travel. These days, when not seeing patients or teaching, she spends her time rock climbing, hiking, cooking, traveling and enjoying her home in the forest with her husband and two large, cuddly pit bulls. Dr. Principe channels her passion for naturopathic medicine into the volunteer work she does for the profession, currently serving as treasurer of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) and Vice Chair of its Legislative Committee. A true educator and activist at heart, Dr. Principe believes that naturopathic medicine is the vehicle for change through which we can restore balance to our individual lives and our communities at large.

She offers a free 15-minute consultation by appointment.

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