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by Dr. Stefani Kovacovsky Hayes, ND


Do you want to get pregnant in 2011 or 2012? Is "have a baby"

going to be on your list of New Year's resolutions? Would you like

to improve your chances for success once you start? If so, then

consider fertility optimization with Naturopathic and Chinese



In our modern society, many women spend years working hard to avoid

getting pregnant. Once they start trying for pregnancy, however,

they often have a difficult time. This is usually due to a variety

of life's stressors. Years of busy schedules, birth control pills,

emotional stress, recreational fun, medications, and dietary

choices can have a huge impact on the health of our ovaries and

eggs. The body is very wise, and in its wisdom, unhealthy eggs

remain unfertilized or result in miscarriages.


Men are not exempt from lifestyle effects as well. Alcohol, riding

bicycles, smoking, poor dietary choices, tight underwear, and even

laptop computer use are some of the many circumstances that can

have a huge impact on the health and effectiveness of sperm.


Lesbians and transgendered individuals who are trying to conceive

with fresh or frozen sperm are also encouraged to optimize their

fertility before inseminating. There is no reason why healthy

women should be treated for infertility, just because they have

unique needs for achieving pregnancy.


Ideally, a minimum of six months is recommended for optimizing your

fertility. Twelve months is encouraged for most individuals. I

want you to avoid any potential emotional trauma from a miscarriage

or infertility diagnosis. The best way to do this is to create

healthy eggs and sperm. Most of us, based on our lifestyle and

habits, need several months to detoxify from the years we have

taken our body for granted. It is best to not begin trying to get

pregnant during a detoxification process. After fully cleansing

your organs and changing your habits for the better, three months

of healthy eating, supplements, and acupuncture is recommended.

Three months is the amount of time it takes to mature the egg or

sperm that will be part of creating your baby. The healthier your

internal environment is during this time, the better your chances

are of creating a healthy embryo.


With fertility optimization, both partners, whether straight or

gay, are encouraged to be treated. Whether physically involved in

the creation of a baby, or emotionally supportive, the health of

both partners is imperative for the actualization and wellbeing of

your future child.


Naturopathic and Chinese medicine can greatly improve your health,

in preparation for pregnancy. Maximizing your wellbeing now also

leads to an easier pregnancy and a healthier baby. So, what are

you waiting for? Start getting healthy now, so that when you are

ready, your baby will be too!!


Dr. Stefani Kovacovsky Hayes, ND


If you have questions or would like a consultation please call

Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center at (503)701-8766.


Dr Hayes can also be reached at: drstefanihayes@gmail.com


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