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By Chelesa Albrecht, DPT

Tami Kent is a local (Portland, OR) physical therapist that specializes in Women's Health. Through her study of the female body, she has developed Holistic Pelvic Care, which combines physical and energetic tools to assist women in balancing and restoring the full vibrancy of the female pelvis. Her initial book, Wild Feminine, received rave reviews, and her latest book, Mothering From Your Center, is sure to get the same praise. She is not shy in integrating energetics and spirit into her approach to pregnancy, birthing, and mothering. Through her own personal experiences and those of the women she has worked with, she describes many of the challenges and miracles that can occur in the process of becoming a mother and offers supportive tools to help us remain connected to our core at each step.

Mothering From Your Center addresses difficult issues such as infertility and adoption. It is often hardest to remain connected to our centers in sterile medical environments or when dealing with bureaucracies. The book provides specific guidance to assist women in remaining open to the potential they carry in order to prevent the natural closing that happens when we run into resistance. In this way, we can take the lessons in this book beyond pregnancy and mothering to use them in every aspect of life. Kent offers real guidance in trusting the innate intelligence, our intuition, that we carry within ourselves. 

Here at Kwan-Yin, we provide a number of resources for women at every step of the fertility path. Acupuncture, naturopathy, and pelvic floor therapy/physical therapy can greatly support your body along your individual path. They can support your body in the multitude of change that occur pre- and post- birth. Post-partum care is something that often gets left out due to the new demands placed on mothers, however, post-partum care is very important in assisting the transitions of the entire family. The providers at Kwan-Yin are here for you and would be happy to assist you and your family on this beautiful journey. Several of us here have received training from Tami Kent and look forward to sharing her legacy with you!

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