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By Sarah Clark, LAc

InnerDialogue is a healing form that allows us to use body symptoms—our joint pain, our insomnia, our digestive distress, our anxiety–to access a deeper understanding about where we are out of balance. The practitioner and patient use the ancient, non-verbal language of mudras and kinesiology to explore what is truly at the root of the patient’s current state. Because we are using non-verbal language, we’re able to bypass what some might call the “small mind” or the “busy mind”. What emerges from this deep communication is a narrative that illuminates the path back into balance or wholeness.

InnerDialogue deeply considers what it means to be human. It holds that in our human state we are influenced by different life forces. That within the human being are the forces of plant, animal, and human consciousness—and also that we are influenced by the forces of our ancestral and our noble or higher consciousness. Thus, in any one session, we are listening to these life forces within the self.

The culmination of the session is most often cranial sacral therapy, where the holding is very specific to resolving the imbalance that is revealed during the session.

Restoring appropriate relationship and vitality to the life forces often brings about an easing or resolution of the symptoms that initiated the treatment, but the greater part of the healing occurs as wholeness and connection are naturally restored in the patient.

Who can benefit from InnerDialogue?

If you’ve tried Western medicine, or other complementary modalities, and your symptoms persist, if you have a sense that something unresolved needs to be brought to light in your process in order for true healing to come forth, if you simply feel a longing to listen more fully to your highest self, InnerDialogue will benefit you.

How do I get started?

I offer free 15 minute consultations that allow you to get a sense for how we might work together. Or if you’re ready to take the leap, just call the front desk at Kwan Yin and set up an initial 90-minute session. Follow ups are one hour.

To read more about InnerDialogue work: https://innerdialogue.org/about/




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