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Begin a year round journey towards optimal health and happiness with a wellness package designed specifically for you. A wellness package allows you to commit to all four seasons, the necessary timeframe to begin seeing sustainable change. Let’s work together to help you prevent illness and maintain health.

The providers at Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center realize that to make changes in your life it often takes a team approach; a team that understands health encompasses body mind and spirit. We have put together the best team possible: a Naturopathic Physician, an Acupuncturist and a Chef Instructor, who will blend the best of Eastern and Western approaches. With this team you will receive intensive, comprehensive, individualized support with acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, nutritional supplements and likely most important and often overlooked – advice around what you eat at home and how to make it delicious without spending all day in the kitchen. Your Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist will work together to provide nutritional recommendations and your Chef Instructor will translate the recommendations into action with you in your home kitchen. So that we can really individualize these plans we will only offer three wellness packages for the year.

The package price is $7,500*, and includes the following over the course of 1 year:

12 Naturopathic consultations (Ideally one per month)
16 Acupuncture treatments (Likely weekly to biweekly treatments the first month or two and then spaced out over the rest of the year)
16 In-home cooking lessons (4 per season)

*Cost of cooking ingredients, herbs, supplements, and travel costs for Chef Instructor outside of Portland are an additional fee.

The following providers at Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center (both East and West l ocations) are available to be part of your team. Click on their names to read more about them. You may select your team upon signing up.

Naturopathic Physicians:

Dr. Gibran Ramos
Dr. Lindsay Wilkinson
Dr. Sarah Trotta
Dr. Kryzia Ortega
Dr. Cara Orscheln

Licensed Acupuncturists:

Kimberly Klingele
Jennifer Netzer
D.A. Wiley
Megan Rose
Myra Theriault

In-Home Cooking Lessons and Support:

Lauren Chandler of Lauren Chandler Cooks

To sign up and for more information, please call (503) 701-8766. The front desk will forward you to David Berkshire who can return your call.

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