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Brooke Scott L.Ac.

Our bodies tell a story.  They tell the story of how we live in the world. They are precisely shaped by moments of expansive joy, by the times we had to be brave, by the moments the ground was pulled out from under us; they have been shaped by the things that we thought we could not possibly live through and came to find that we could — perhaps we came out of it shaped a little differently, maybe we armor ourselves harder, maybe we softened.

These stories are embodied within us as held physical and emotional patterns that were put into place out of necessity; they developed because our bodies are constantly adapting to best help us — even though it certainly does not always feel that way.  These patterns show up in our bodies as symptoms or signals and ask us to pay attention.  Sometimes these patterns overstay their welcome and continue to manifest long after they have served their purpose of keeping us safe.

My practice is centered on the recognition and treatment of these patterns and the integration of new ones that fit this present moment.  By weaving my studies in Classical East Asian medicine, herbalism, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy, I develop the most appropriate treatment plan in collaboration with each patient.  My approach to treatment is relational — what we do, we do together.

I am currently practicing Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture® under the mentorship of senior practitioners Kim Klingele and David Berkshire.

I hold certification in Craniosacral Therapy from Moving Mountain Institute; I am a certified Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine with ICEAM and I continue my studies in herbalism and Chinese classics with Dr. Joon He Lee through the Wisdom Garden Academy.

Outside of the clinic, I spend my time in the forests of Portland, watching bad TV, and teaching my young son to bake.  As a mama, I welcome children of all ages into the treatment room and especially love supporting folks through conception, pregnancy and postpartum.

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