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Daniel Raider, L.Ac.

Daniel Raider, L.Ac., enjoys helping people heal and stay healthy. Since 2001, he has been treating patients using acupuncture, classical Chinese herbology, and qigong. He also provides CranioSacral treatment.

Daniel has trained and practiced extensively using Dr. Richard Tan’s “Balance Method” of acupuncture for all types of physical and emotional conditions. This method is known for using few needles and getting quick results…especially with pain conditions. Daniel also integrates a strong background in classical Chinese herbal medicine and prescribes individualized formulas as needed.

Raised in Southern California, Daniel earned a B.S. degree in Biology from Berkeley, then lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as an environmental consultant. His first introduction to Chinese medicine was a qigong class he attended after moving to Portland in 1991. He quickly became very dedicated to this practice, and earned a credential to teach both beginning and advanced students. Daniel’s work as a systems biologist fueled his interest in a holistic, systems-based approach to human health. Further investigating Chinese medicine, Daniel found that the two fields shared many compelling aspects. This understanding, coupled with the inspiration of traditional healers encountered in the Middle and Far East, cinched Daniel’s decision to attend the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

In addition to Chinese medicine, Daniel and his wife, Shari, own and operate Sauvie Island Organics, an organic vegetable and fruit farm located about 15 miles northwest of Portland. The farm has been operating since 1992 and provides food for over 200 families and many restaurants in town, as well as Daniel and Shari’s children, five-year-old Elias and two-year-old Yael.

Daniel Raider’s Resources

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  • Sauvie Island Organics – Organic farm offering community supported agriculture (CSA) and educational programs for all ages



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