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David Berkshire, L.Ac.

Over the last 20 plus years I have been helping people find healing from conditions that the standard medical system has no idea how to help. So many of us have been to our providers and they offer all kinds of medications or surgeries even when they aren’t sure that it will help. Chinese Medicine recognized that the body, mind and spirit are all integrated and we have the ability to heal within us. I’m here to help find the cause of the imbalance and then help you find health at all levels: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Natural medicine is based on the knowledge that Nature knows how to help us heal. In my medical practice I utilize Acupuncture and Drainage Homeopathy in supporting your natural ability to find balance and health. Just like a tree inherently knows how to grow towards the sunlight, your body knows how to grow and heal. We just need to follow these natural principles.

About Me:

I began studying natural medicine in the form of homeopathy in 1995, attended a Masters Level program in Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1997-2001. Beyond my basic education I have had the privilege to work closely with a few masters in Natural Medicine. My homeopathy training grew beyond the basic self-study into a certificate of Masters Course completion with the late Dr. Gerard Geniout in 2005. From 1998-2008 I studied Five-Element Acupuncture in an apprenticeship style with David Ford, and since 2010 I have been actively working with Judy Worsley and studying Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturesm.

I am a leader in the field of Chinese and Natural Medicine through my active participation in both teaching and through sitting on various boards. I have taught at both Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) and National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). I held a full-time associate professor role at NUNM from 2005-2021 and am currently adjunct faculty. I have held the position of President of the Worsley Institute (www.worsleyinstitute.com) for over 7 years and have the privilege of working closely with Judy Worsley, the main lineage holder of this system of medicine. I also sit on the Acupuncture Advisory Committee of the Oregon Medical Board and help support the practice of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine in the state of Oregon.

In 2001 I founded Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center as a medical clinic that at it’s heart offered our community compassionate care. The clinic has grown to offer an amazing service to our community and touching so many lives. It continues to be a source of joy to offer leadership of our clinic.

I believe that acting in service is the greatest source of peace inside, as well as outside. I look forward to being of service when with you in the clinic room, or when I am out in the community supporting Natural Medicine.

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