Biotherapeutic drainage

Your body knows how to heal itself, it just needs the right support! Biotherapeutic Drainage (in France is called Drainage Homeopathy, and in Germany is called German Biological Medicine) is a specific style of homeopathic medical practice. Homeopathic Medicine’s creation is credited to Samuel Hahnemann who was born in Germany but lived the latter part of his life in France. His medical theories are based on the core belief that with the right stimulation the body can call on it’s innate healing ability and find a cure.

Biotherapeutic Drainage is based on this theory and relies on low potency homeopathic remedies to stimulate the bodies physiology to help heal the cause of the pathology- essentially helping the body correct what has been making it sick. Drainage utilizes a number of different products including Unda Homeopathic Drops, Pekana Spagyric Remedies, Gemmotherapy, Schussler Cell Salts, and Oligotherapy. The products are very powerful and very safe remedies that can work with other medications and other medical approaches.

Unlike standard medical approaches which aim to work as an ‘anti’ medicine. Homeopathy supports the bodies natural ability to heal itself. In this we are able to rely on ourselves rather than seeking a solution outside of ourselves (a pill or supplement) allowing the body to ‘learn’ to be successful in treating illness.

Biotherapeutic Drainage is different than Classical Homeopathy in that it utilizes multiple homeopathic remedies at once and is focused on aiming treatment on certain physiological functions or certain aspects of what we call The Terrain. We have remedies that help support Liver Physiology, we have remedies that support digestion- in doing this we utilize complex theories to determine which system is best to support and from this both acute and chronic conditions respond and individuals start to feel better.

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Biotherapeutic drainage

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