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Dr. Wilder Rose, L.Ac., DSOM

It is a sacred honor to embark on the creative collaboration toward wellness and vitality for my patients.  I see this work as a form of art that requires fine craftsmanship and a well loved set of tools, developed and passed down over millennia to nurture life to its fullest expression.  

You are a work of art born of nature.  Your unique health challenges are a part of a dynamic web of interrelated parts, and it is with this lens that we can see the deeper roots of dis-ease in the body and gently unwind the tangles therein and support your body’s innate ability to restore itself.  This medicine of nurturing life serves to reconnect you with your own natural state of balance.

The beauty of nature is diversity.  It is with this recognition that I work to be trauma informed through a social justice lens and provide inclusive care to all humans.  Diversity of backgrounds, gender, body size and shape, neurological status— all spectrums are celebrated here.

I came to Kwan Yin in 2020 as the resident of David Berkshire, clinic founder and President of the International Institute of Worsley Five Element Acupuncture.  I am lucky to have him his as my mentor in the school of Worsley Five Element Acupuncture, and have studied with him for over five years, including two years of direct clinical training at NUNM and a year of training through the Worsley Institute.

My offerings include but are not limited to Acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, Classical Herbalism, Qi Gong Movement, Nutritional Support, Sound Healing and Tea Practice.  My work is rooted in refined lineages that have been passed through generations, which I have been privileged to learn within.  I acknowledge cultural roots of this holistic medicine come from Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India) and Africa and that there is a deep history of systemic inequities through globalized colonialism that shape my access to this work.

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